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$55 NZD
Swoop - Velocity Valley

Adventure, Central

Experience the Swoop giant sky swing at Velocity Valley.  Feel the anticipation and adrenaline as it starts to surge through your veins as you are slowly raised 40m high into the air. Take that much needed deep breach before you release your own rip-cord to send you plummeting into a giant pendulim swing.

Skyline Rotorua Luge and Gondola

Adventure, North

Skyline Rotorua is an all-weather attraction, and is open every day of the year. Operating hours are from 9am daily until end of restaurant operations each night.

Star Gazing

Adventure, Central

Finish the day with an out-of-this world experience during Skyline’s Stargazing tour. It’ll have you exploring constellations and discovering planets invisible to the naked eye, at one of the top eight stargazing locations in New Zealand.

$149 NZD
Rotorua Bungy - Velocity Valley

Adventure, Central

Experience an adrenaline rush like no other with New Zealand's best value bungy at Velocity Valley. Looking down from a height of 43 metres, take in the stunning views of the nearby farmland, Lake Rotorua and Mokoia Island in the distance before you take the leap.

$30 NZD

Adventure, South

Skyswing challenges you to face your fears on Rotorua's HIGHEST and FASTEST adrenaline rush.

$54 NZD
Katoa Lake Rotorua - 30min Jet Tour

Adventure, Central

Blast around Lake Rotorua with Katoa on an adrenaline infused jet boat ride through some of the area’s iconic historical landmarks, all while enjoying exhilarating turns and hair-raising 360-degree spins.

$25 NZD
Katoa Parasailing

Adventure, Central

Enjoy outdoor adventure in the heart of New Zealand with an exhilarating parasailing experience over the stunning beauty of Lake Rotorua with Katoa.

$1000 NZD
Walking Legends - Waikaremoana Discovery Tour

Adventure, Central

Guided walks on the spectacular Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk Track, in remote Te Urewera National Park. Ex-Rotorua, small groups, all inclusive.

$89 NZD
The Squeeze

Adventure, Central

UNTOUCHED NEW ZEALAND BEAUTY Kiwis have always been keen on an adventure. That's why some years ago it was a kiwi who invented the first jetboat! We've taken this sense of adventure and transformed it into the ultimate jet boat-adventure combo. 

$140 NZD
Adventure Playground Rotorua -1 hour 4x4 Self Drive

Adventure, Central

Adventure Playground is the place to be when visiting Rotorua. Try our new 1 hour 4x4 self drive CanAm Experience, and after perhaps some horse trekking, our cultural 4wd buggy tours and claybird shooting. The choice is yours!

$55 NZD
Velocity Valley

Adventure, Central

Velocity Valley (formerly Agroventures Adventure Park) offers six truly unique New Zealand adventures suitable for all ages and comfort levels. We are proudly home to the world's ONLY Shweeb Racer as well as the Swoop, Agrojet, Freefall Xtreme, Rotorua Bungy and the Freestyle Airbag. We make fast fun for everyone.

$95 NZD
Wet'n'Wild Rafting Company

Adventure, Central

Half-day to multi-day white water rafting adventures for all confidence levels, from adrenalin pumping Grade 5 to challenging Grade 3-4 adventures and relaxing Grade 2 scenic floats.