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Start-ups need to have vision beyond their front doorstep – it is important to have a global vision, while using their immediate market as a trial and testing environment for growth and success.
Rotorua is located centrally within the Bay of Plenty, on the fringe of the golden triangle of Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga, and within a three-hour drive of 50% of New Zealand’s population. Future population growth is predicted to be strongest in the golden triangle, with annual growth predicted at 1.5-1.9%, while the rest of the country is predicted to be 0.6-1.1%.
The dominance of the golden triangle will continue to grow, and being in close proximity to the region enables businesses to provide next-day, and in some cases same-day delivery, and remain engaged with a customer base that is close by.
Firms can test their products and services in a smaller, more friendly and intimate market before taking things to the next level, nationally and internationally.

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