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The RGS is jointly sponsored by the Ministers of MBIE and MPI (Steven Joyce, Nathan Guy and Te Ururoa Flavell).  It is part of a Central Government program to identify the economic growth opportunities in the regions on the premise that the New Zealand economy is actually made up of all the regional economies.  And by inference the ‘regional economy’ is actually a collection of all the economic drivers/sectors centred in those regions.

The Bay of Plenty RGS is due to be formally launched on 14th May and follows the recently released Northland study and the soon to be released Gisborne / East Coast study.  The promise is that the various ministries will work with local agencies, industry and stakeholders to prioritise the opportunities.  These will be developed into an Action Plan for Industry, Local Government and Central Government as ‘partners’ in working together to realise those opportunities. The promise from the ministries is that the prioritised Action Plan will see implementation and any (new) resourcing beginning in early 2016

The BoP RGS has been developed with support from a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) made of the region’s Economic Development Agencies, Industry and sector representatives.  Rotorua had 3 people on the TAG – Warren Parker of Scion, Francis Pauwels of Grow Rotorua and Tania Bui.  The content of the RGS has largely been a ground up build of known opportunities at both a pan-regional and sub-regional level including the Maori economy. 

In addition, information from an extensive range of economic and statistical data and previous reports has been incorporated.

The Rotorua Lakes Council (RLC) and Grow Rotorua view our district as aligning with different regions depending on sector groupings.  For example, we relate strongest with Taupo and Kawerau in the primary sectors (Energy/Geothermal, Forestry, Dairy, Meat); We relate strongest with Western Bay (TGA) around predominantly the ‘services’ (financial, property, health, logistics);  and the sectors of strong connections with other regions are arguably in Tourism (Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch) and Education (Hamilton and Auckland).

The Mayors across the region (including Taupo) are firmly engaged in what is seen as a ‘once in decades’ chance to get our growth opportunities firmly onto the Governments agenda.

Francis Pauwels, Chief Executive, Grow Rotorua Ltd


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