Posted in Blog on May 26, 2020

The tranquil beauty afforded in a Redwood Forest wedding is undeniable. Towering trees with canopies 30 feet above the forest floor set the scene for this gorgeous natural cathedral.

The Redwoods Forest venue referred to as 'Under the Sails', offers an all weather function space easily catering for small or large guest lists.

Beautiful wedding location

You can theme the area under the sails, however the a-la-natural appeal of this venue to couples is that the majestic back drop doesn’t need to be “dressed up”. Event Impressions is your key contact when booking ‘Under the Sails’. The team offer standard packages or bespoke ideas, removing the stress often associated with planning your ‘Big Day’.

Forest wedding Rotorua, New Zealand

Add a unique tree-twist your gorgeous wedding day with the Redwood Treewalk. Opened in November 2015, the Treewalk is a network of suspended bridges that are attached to 22 of the Redwood trees allowing all that walk the bridges to view the beautiful fauna below.

Thanks to Grace Jones Photography for these fabulous images.

Check out the next blog post for 5 hot tips when 'getting hitched' in a forest!


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