Rotorua to benefit from Christchurch Airport's collaboration with Alibaba

Posted in Story on May 21, 2020

A new partnership between Christchurch Airport and Destination Rotorua will benefit Rotorua’s tourism operators by strengthening Alipay’s contribution to the district.
The adoption of Alipay will help Rotorua businesses be more successful in the Chinese market.  Alipay is a Chinese smartphone app that has more than 900-million active users. It’s used to pay for everything from street food to luxury merchandise around the world. It was used by 150-million Chinese international travellers last year and is a valuable marketing tool for businesses.
Christchurch Airport’s South programme also includes the flagship store on Alibaba’s online travel services platform, Fliggy. Rotorua tourism operators will now have a Rotorua Fliggy store within the Airport’s.
Destination Rotorua Chief Executive Michelle Templer says “China is Rotorua’s third largest international tourism market so we are delighted to be working with Christchurch Airport and Alibaba on this exciting collaboration.
“Alipay and Fliggy will help our local operators and businesses reach more Chinese travellers, by directing them to Rotorua products and services, allowing them to pay online and encouraging them to share their experiences with other people.  We’ll also be able to access valuable data and insights about users to help us shape even better experiences for future visitors.”
Christchurch Airport’s Programme Director of the South project, Ken Freer, says “We are creating a white label version of the existing South store, so instead of selling South Island tourism product, it will focus on Rotorua.  This aligns with other stores we have created for Auckland, Hamilton/Waikato and Wellington.”
The store will be launched in the New Year with around half a dozen tourism operators and grow from there.  A number of merchants in Rotorua are already using Alipay.
Ken says “Our Chinese guests are more likely to spend with a Kiwi business that offers Alipay than one that doesn’t.  The Chinese use Alipay more than credit cards, because they trust it and know how it works.”
Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick says, “We’ve got a long history as one of the most well-known New Zealand locations for Chinese visitors and this partnership will provide them with an even more positive experience.”

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