Posted in Blog on May 26, 2020

The route was used as a logging road for rimu, totara, rata and kahikatea earlier last century. You can still tell it used to be a road but it is well eroded by now which gives the trail it’s unique character and makes it interesting as a ride, or run.

The trail is mostly undulating and about 16.5km one way which will lead to Lake Okataina, a very stunning spot and great place for a picnic and refreshing swim. However most people will start and finish their ride at Miller Rd and ride up to the Trig and back (return trip about 26km) and will miss the last big descent which on return turns into a very steep climb back up. There are some stunning bush sections along the technical and flowy track and on a clear day you will get rewarded with an amazing view from the Trig.

The trail is not far from Rotorua and can be accessed by car which would be the preferred option for most, but if you are after a more epic ride then you can access it by bike via the Whakarewarewa Forest. Trail options to get there are Eagle vs Shark or Te Rua into Feeder, or Tuhoto Ariki into Kataore, either way will lead you to Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake), from there it’s down the road to Lake Okareka and then along and up Miller Road to the start of the trail.

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